Parts Draft

2019 Parts Drafts are as follows (check schedule for times):

Small Parts Draft:

41366 Olivia's Cupcake Café

Adults-Only Parts Draft:

70825 Queen Watevra's Build Whatever Box!

Large Parts Draft:


21043-1: San Francisco

To participate in the draft, bring a new unopened copy of the announced draft set. There will be multiple parts drafts at the convention, so see schedule for times and locations.

Some parts drafts are for all ages, but there is one only for participants aged 16 and up. Check schedule for details.

Parts draft rules:

  1. Sets will be opened and sorted into containers of parts so that all items of a given type constitute one lot.
    • In general, pieces will be sorted as pieces are found in the boxes (in other words, we won’t be pulling minifig arms off).
    • Some pieces may be grouped (e.g. window panes with their frames, skateboards with their wheels, etc.)
    • By consensus, we may decide to draft minifig parts separately or as a complete minifig, depending on the set and the feelings of the participants.
    • Some highly popular parts (e.g. animals) or parts that occur in very high quantities in the set may be divided into multiple lots
  2. Participants will then draw numbers to determine order and circle the table in that order.
  3. Limit two (2) sets per participants; you will get two draft numbers if you bring two sets.
  4. One at a time, each person choose a pile of parts until all each person has drawn a lot.
  5. The group then reverses order, and each person draws again. The lowest and highest numbered people will therefore draw two lots in a row each time.
  6. The game stops when all lots have been taken.
  7. Trading after the draw is encouraged.
  8. We may divide up into manageable groups based on how many participate.

Please purchase the sets before the convention and bring them if you wish to participate.

This activity does NOT require participants to sign-up in advance.

Game Coordinator: Jennifer Nogle




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